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What’s searches for you a business jet to match your request. It finds all avaliable aircraft OFFline and brings them to you in a convenient format ONline. You can then browse your offers and choose the one you like.

How does work?

You build your trip. instantly prompts all operators to quote your trip.

Are offers on cheaper than other channels?

Yes. does not charge charter operators. So you deal directly with your provider saving typically 5% to 15% of fees charged by intermediaries.

Is my personal data safe with does not reveal your identity to anyone until you decide to confirm a quote you have received. Only on confirmation reveals your identity to the one business jet operator you have chosen. Outside of this case will never give your identity to anyone else.


It’s the simplest, fastest and most comprehensive way to get a quote for your next private jet trip. was created out of frustration from the difficulty in locating and selecting a suitable business jet.

Why is free? is entirely free for you as well as for the business jet operator. brings convenience to the Private charter booking. In the future will provide optional premium features, some of which may carry a fee.

Is a broker?

No. is a matching service. It carries your demand to the market and brings back the available offers. intelligent software filters the demands and the offers to optimize the matches. also requires safety information from business jet operators to ensure quality and compliance.

Are brokers allowed to make offers on

No. Brokers do not make offers on This is a direct-connect platform that saves you the cost of a broker. This means in most cases the offer you receive on is cheaper than what you would find elsewhere on the market.

Are the business jet operators on different from those my usual broker uses?

No. There are 3000 business jets and about 250 commercial business jet operators in Europe. They sell their capacity in various ways, being the new and most efficient channel.

Are business jet operators safe?

Yes. On you find safety and regulatory information about the operator before you confirm your trip. vets the busness jet operators to ensure they comply with aviation rules and safety regulations.

Is competent in business aviation?

The team provides the best operations software for the industry and knows in detail business jet operations.

How does calculate prices? calculates average fares for your trip based on costs for aircraft and airport fees. The price is an estimate. When you receive the quotes each charter operator will provide a price for their offer.

What are my obligations when I confirm a trip?

When you confirm your trip booking we notify the charter operator of your intentions. The charter operator will then send you a complete contract that you will have to sign to complete the agreement.

If I book a trip on, do I have to pay a fee?

No. is entirely free for you as well as for the charter operator.

What’s another reason to be in

Every time you quote, your brand is displayed on the customer’s page. That’s a real bizjet customer - not a broker.